About ArkConsas

Welcome to ArkConsas!!  Welcome to an ongoing project to entertain you in the month of January!  It is what we like to do.  This convention is a spin off inspired by Fangcon a yearly convention that started in Tennessee.  The Little Rock tourist bureau told us that town was a great place to host an event and we agreed.  So it is our goal to bring entertainer both local and far away so you can see what is out there and enjoy in that.  We will be a fan based convention but as we grow you can expect to see those bigger names along with those up and coming fandom based attendees also.

We are primarily an Anthropomorphic convention first but we want to include the Bronies, Anime and Cosplayers also.  As we work to our convention date look for tracks to include panels, meet ups and events aimed at all areas so everyone can have fun inn their respective area of interest.

Our theme for our first year is Fairy Tales.  We are not sure where you might take this.  But we see Fairy Tails and of course Furry Tails. Looking at your respective favorite fandom, how would it look if it was borrowing from Peter Pan? or Beauty and the Beast?  Here is a great list of Fairy tales to look at and find inspiration from. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fairy_tales

We will be hosting a contest to see who captured the characters the best.

ArkConsas will be supporting a charity. We will seek out charities that need assistance and we will offer them space to promote their cause and work to help the raise awareness in the community to it as well as helping them to raise funds for it through a charity auction and table space to sell wares that they might have.

You will be able to contribute to our community all year long on our Facebook page, ArkConsas.  We will be looking to expand into other online areas as we find those who will supervise over them.

Here are some links to some of the fliers we have made up that you can print out and share.  Please help spread the word as only you can help make the con grow and be more successful

We will be needing volunteers; more staff, folks to come forward to offering panels and events. In short you make the con happen

We thank you and look forward to seeing you at the convention.

Pre-Registration is open!